I knew I would like this city. I’ve been to cities rich in history whose best days are past, but this place is alive. So much has happened here in the last hundred years.

Above – the Brandenburg Gate on a winter evening.

Faber Building, Prenzlauer. Typical of the area – old East Germany, heavily squatted post reunification, but gentrified now. The wealthy have to wait for the cool people to let them where to buy… It was the old van that got my attention. It’s a 1930s Tempo Drierad 3 wheeler.

Cigarette break at the organic food shop across the road from our digs.
Stasi prisoner transportation vehicle. Visited the Stasi Museum today. The whole operation was like something straight out of Terry Gilliam’s “Brazil”. They used to disguise these sinister vehicles with false livery, or nice touches like the frilly curtains on this example.

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